Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kids Cereal: More sugar than a Twinkie?!

Cereal with milk used to be a healthy, fast breakfast for school children.  More and more, though, cereals are part of the "junk group", as my kids call it.  Many cereals marketed to children have more sugar than store-bought desserts!  I encourage all parents to read the labels of breakfast cereals before buying.  Look for a cereal with 10 g of sugar or less, and at least 2 g of fiber.  For some good suggestions and lists of the "best" and "worst" breakfast cereals, see the environmental working groups report on sugar in children's cereal.  


  1. Honey Smacks is 56% sugar?? That's insane. Smoot-thie, Smoot-thie!! (I like the adding oats idea!)

  2. When we were kids, they were called "Sugar Smacks", remember?