Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Redbud Pediatrics, Now Open!

Our clinic opened today!  The clinic looks beautiful thanks to the design work by my cousins Sandra and Eric Denneler.  See Sandra's blog at Project Denneler for some great photos of the office!  My first patients of the morning were twins - double the fun! My staff, "Team Redbud" was fantastic.  Thank you to all our friends, family, neighbors and colleagues for the well wishes, cards, flowers, plants, food(!) and good vibes you sent today!  It worked!  


  1. I look forward to seeing the new clinic! We are avid Reddy supporters and are following her to her new practice. She is such an amazing and caring pediatrician. I wouldn't take my baby anywhere else. Congrats Dr. Reddy and we look forward to seeing you! Melissa Bridges

  2. Wow Rebecca, your cousins are AMAZING, your new practice is stunning and fun and beautiful -- the perfect place for a doc like you! Sending all of my best wishes for a smooth and successful start for your practice.
    Mel Hudelson